The Russian Federation

Republic of Adygea, Maikop,

Street Krasnooktyabrskaya, 61.

Director "Nalmes": 

Baste Azmet Chemalevich

+7 (8772) 52-17-26

Artistic director:

Hadzhaev Aslan Muradinovich

+7 (8772) 52-44-52



We express the life in the dance. We want the audience in every our show to see the soul of the folk, its customs, and desires; We are looking for the aesthetic and sense of rhythm, which are modern today.The ancient adygean people quivery treats their national culture and especially the folk ritual dances, which are original musical and plastic portrait of the folk.

Nalmes is the collector, guardian and interpreter of the folk dances. The ensemble was organized in 1936 and sense that dates it shows the chorographical art of the adygean people all over the world.Nowadays it is one of the most brilliant professional dance groups not only in the North Caucasus but also in Russia.

It shows its art in the greatest and most The repertoire consists of the original folkdances and music.The beautiful costumes skillful dancers attract audience from the first sight and keep their attention up to the very and.Every concert of Nalmes is a real unforgettable spectacular festival, which impresses, people and makes them high and gives energy.

The art of Nalmes calls to keep the treasure of the folk culture.Nowadays the state Academic Ensemble of folkdance of Adygheya Nalmes is the diplomat of the Russian competition of the professional groups, the owner of the medal "Glory of Adygeya" the winner of the international competitions of the folkdance in Turkey, Jordan, Syria, The United Arab Emirates, Belgium,France and Germany. The group consist of 70 people. The overage age of the dancers is 20 years old.

In 2007 Nalmes Ensemble took part in the International Military Music Festival 'Kremlin Zorya' which took place in the Red Square in Moscow.

In 2008 Nalmes Ensemble  gave 8 concerts in Italy (Sicily) theatre Massimo Bellini Catania with great success.

In 2009, Nalmes Ensemble was invited to Libya for the celebrations of the 40th anniversary of the foundation of Libya. Representative from many countries also took part in the concert.

In 2010 Nalmes Ensemble took part in the Festival of Virginia International TATTOO in Norfolk (Virginia, USA). After the festival Nalmes gave some solo concerts in the State of New Jersey which was completed with tramendous success.

In 2012 Nalmes Ensemble took part in the Festival of National Culture which was held in Gendarmenmarkt square Berlin within the Russian year in Germany.
The ensemble is going to work hard and look for new programs in the future.

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