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Republic of Adygea, Maikop,

Street Krasnooktyabrskaya, 61.

Director "Nalmes": 

Baste Azmet Chemalevich

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Artistic director:

Hadzhaev Aslan Muradinovich

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Dance - is the language of our bodies and our souls, our ancestors and our children. Adygsky dance - a special kind of art. He was born with the people, went with him through the centuries. All that survived the people over the centuries, is reflected in the dances. Circassians were kept in the expression of feelings, terse, but the dance you could see the energy of the people, their irrepressible desire for freedom, strength and power of the spirit. All the beauty of customs inherent dignity of the Circassians, elegance, aristocracy manifested in dance. The composition of dances, costumes, paraphernalia justified, have a specific due to the national spirit and character content. Dance - is more than an art form. This is a whole layer of the spiritual part of life Adygeyan society, manifested in an unusually expressive plastic. And today, in the modern world, the dance remains the most understandable and accessible to every kind of art.

Choreography Adygs - is the richest treasury, a unique part of which is the State Academic Folk Dance Ensemble of Adygea "Nalmes." Born ensemble in 1936, when the decision Adygeysky Regional Party Committee in Maikop was opened Song and Dance Ensemble. Its main aim was to promote the best examples of song and dance folklore. The first director was Abdul Bedzhashev and artistic director of Shaban cubes. All artists ensemble perfectly singing and dancing, and musical group consisted of well-known in Adygea folk music. The young team has successfully toured throughout the Soviet Union, but in 1941, with the beginning of the Second World War ensemble work was suspended.

Team revived after the war. In 1945-46. was produced by a second set of young people to replenish the creative staff. The ensemble came Maskhud Beshkok Umar Thabisimov, Eredzhib Mamii Yusuf Hadzhaev and many others whose names were later included in the cultural history of the Adyghe people. With the arrival of the young artists of the ensemble's repertoire has expanded considerably, the work was successful. And in 1950 there was another update of creative Song and Dance Ensemble. Hiss Cheech, Yuri Cheech, Czeslaw Anzarokov, Shhamchery Tuovi Ibrahim Kurashinov, Aly Temzok and other artists brought the ensemble work on a new, more sophisticated level. By the end of the 50s professionalism of the team was so high that in the decade of art and literature Adygeya and Karachay-Cherkess Autonomous Oblast in Moscow, dedicated to the 400th anniversary of the accession of Russia to the Adyghe people, the default number of creative program was the performance of the Adyghe Song and Dance Ensemble.

1960 brought changes in the socio-political situation in the country. In this connection, changed and the challenges facing the creative team. Now you can more fully, bright display of national characteristics specific to each nation. It was a kind of "wind of change", which gave impetus to the development of culture and art. Creativity ensemble allowed to develop in the spirit of the times. So, the idea of ​​the State Folk Dance Ensemble of Adygea. To implement this plan at Tbilisi State Choreographic School opened a three-year studio. Was promoted enrollment of 30 people. Parallel Studio was organized under the leadership of Maikop Maskhud Beshkoka and Nicholas Ignatenko, which were adopted by 20 people.

 In 1971, graduates of both studios were in a joint final concert. Then Maskhud Beshkoku was asked to lead a new team as director and chief choreographer. To the position of choreographer was invited Gregory Halperin, who at the time was the chief choreographer of the Kuban Cossack Choir. The creative part of the ensemble was truly stellar. Many artists later became accomplished dancers and creative founders of dynasties. Amerby, Nurbiy and Lydia Kulov, Muradin and Marzieh Hadzhaevy, Azamat and Taganguash strikers Nurbiy and Larissa Hasinovy ​​Adam Barcho, Hazrat Barcho, Magamet Kemecse Ruslan Bzhetsev, Ludmila and Nalbiy Guchetl, Peace and Intiham Mamiek. Music group Ensemble is not inferior to ballet dancers in skill and talent. Kerim Tletseruka names, valentine Manshina, Czeslaw Anzarokova, Sarah Dautova, Yuri Chirg, Shhamcheriya Tuovi well known not only in Adygea, but also far beyond its borders. Many of them are now in the midst of the cultural events of Adygea and Kerim Tletseruk occupies in the cultural history of the Circassians special place. A talented musician made an invaluable contribution to the Circassian art in collecting musical material, orchestration, arrangement, as well as teaching. Foundations laid Kerim Hamedovichem in musical culture, aesthetics of folk music and to this day are unshakable platform on which rests the modern performing arts. Who is worthy of his students continue to work which Kerim Tletseruk devoted his entire life.

May 21, 1972 Adyghe State Folk Dance Ensemble has passed its first program on the assessment of "excellent." So the team has confirmed its ability to solve problems, initially facing each professional creative team: the preservation and development of folk culture.

The repertoire was diverse: Circassian folk dance "Islam," "Zagatlyat", "Tlyapatet" Georgian folk dance "Kartuli" dance compositions and suites. The ensemble is gradually but surely drawn as a professional, it is unlike any other, original creative team with great potential. Orchestra Ensemble is a group of talented artists that adorn every literate dance music. The sound of folk instruments even deeper and fuller reveals the beauty of the dance. Music and dance become one.

In subsequent years, the ensemble has significantly expanded its repertoire. Over the years, choreographers worked talented choreographers Hadzhismel Varziev, Khashir dosha, Gregory Galperin, Muradin Hadzhaev, Amerby Kulov. Each of them left in the ensemble piece of his soul in the form of new productions, many of which have long been the foundation of the repertoire. In 1974, the ensemble was awarded the Young Communist League Kuban them. Ostrovsky, and in 1978 the winner of the All-Russia competition of folk ensembles dance and song and dance ensembles of Russia.

 90 years of the last century marked a new spiral in the development of the ensemble. Team headed Amerby Kulov, which begins with the arrival of a "new era" Adyghe choreography. A talented dancer and choreographer, as no one else feels that the ensemble is already able to reach an entirely new level of work that meets the requirements of modern times. Based on folk dances he created choreographic compositions, which in its conception and execution approach to classical art. His work - a new word in the development of national culture. By Amerbiem Kulov dancing and choreographic compositions have passed the test of time and are the backbone of the repertoire today. "Nalmes" became the winner of the World Festival of Circassian Culture in Nalchik, the Grand Prix at the International Dance Festival in Turkey. The year 1996 was a milestone for the band. "Nalmes" took part in the Days of Culture of Adygea in Moscow, where his brilliant performance won the metropolitan audience and presented in a dignified manner culture Circassians. The ensemble was awarded the title "academic". In the same, 1996, for his invaluable contribution to the preservation, development and promotion of Adyghe folk culture "Nalmes" was awarded the highest award of the republic - a medal "Glory of Adygea".

It Amerby Kulov nurtured a whole galaxy of young artists who have been for many years the "stars" of the ensemble. Names Adam Aliberdova, Mohamed and Mira Kulov, Aslan and Rima Namitokovyh, Vladislav Tharkaho, Asker Guchetl, Marina Guchetl inextricably linked with the period of creative upsurge ensemble under the direction of Amerbiya Tsuovicha. Today in the ensemble successfully work their children - the successors of the famous dynasty. The orchestra ensemble, consisting of talented musicians Asker Gonezhuk, Galim tooth Nafiset Ashinova, Zalim Irugova, Anzor Zhudova, Fatima Spirit - talented musicians who worthily continued the tradition of the orchestra laid Kerim Tletserukom.

2000s opened in the history of the ensemble of the new page. Who came to the ensemble of Maikop school of arts graduates Aydamir Naniz, Aliberdova Tamara, Tamara Shaplok, Saniyat and Mahmoud Aliberdovy, Shatby Berzegov Irina Dogbay and others, undoubtedly decorated "Nalmes." Currently, some of them have already gone on a holiday, and found himself in teaching activities, while others continue to shine on stage. As director and artistic director of the team came last brilliant dancers Azamat strikers and Mohamed Kulov (a pupil of the famous Amerbiya Kulov and successor glorious dynasty). With many years of successful experience in the ensemble, endowed with great organizational skills, new leaders aware of the need to build an ensemble work to meet modern standards. Artistic director "Nalmes" Mohamed Hadzhibechirovich Kulov has implemented a number of productions with the basis of national choreographic traditions and understandable to modern audiences. "Nalmes" made another takeoff. The geography of the tour, updated repertoire, creative composition replenished with young, talented and energetic artists.

Especially proud of the ensemble are artists from among our compatriots who have returned from abroad to their historical homeland. About 20 years shines on stage Baturay Shaguch. He walked a difficult path from novice artist to the lead singer of the ensemble. Today the name of the People's Artist of the Republic of Adygea Batur Shaguch known each Circassians. He is not only one of the best artists of the ensemble, but the Ballet Mistress. Successfully operate in an ensemble and full of promise and Murat Kansat Gushan Edydzh. All of them were brought to the scene love for the culture of the native people, Adyghe dance, and a great desire to dance in the world famous ensemble.

In 2013, after the appointment of Mohamed Kulova Minister of Culture of the Republic of Adygea, the ensemble led by a representative of the famous dance dynasty Hadzhaevyh, Honored Artist of Adygea and Kuban Aslan Hadzhaev. His arrival in the team is not accidental. Aslan Muradinovich has rich experience of stage work, for 5 years in the "Nalmes" as the chief choreographer and his productions are an ornament repertoire. Along with him came to the ensemble choreography department graduates Adyghe Republican College of Arts im.U.Thabisimova. The arrival of young artists each time becomes an important milestone in the history of the ensemble and give new impetus to its development.


Continues active development of tour activities. Contracts with the impresario of international touring. Republic of Adygea Guide provides comprehensive support for leading ensembles. We are continuing our theatrical activities of the team. In February 2014 Folk Dance Ensemble "Nalmes" presented a joint project with the Moscow Circus Nikulin "Two legends on one stage." First folk art united with circus arts. "Nalmes" participated in the cultural program of the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games. Especially for speech artistic director of "Nalmes" has created a new choreographic composition "Adygea", consisting of the most striking pieces of dance ensemble, with specially written for this music composition. Today "Nalmes" is one of the few professional creative teams who are honored to present abroad not only in Adygea, but also Russia. Ensemble permanent participant of international festivals of national cultures, the activities undertaken by the Government of the Russian Federation.

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