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Republic of Adygea, Maikop,

Street Krasnooktyabrskaya, 61.

Director "Nalmes": 

Baste Azmet Chemalevich

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Artistic director:

Hadzhaev Aslan Muradinovich

+7 (8772) 52-44-52



 Choreographic composition "Tales of the Nart"

(Statement - A.Hadzhaeva)

Choreographic composition heroic epic "Nart" Adyghe (Circassian) people - a treasure of world culture. He is an original autograph of the people who created it for centuries. There Nartov women have always been famous for its beauty, the day they shone like the sun, and the moon at night. Sledges (goodies Adygeyan epic) always happily admiring the beauty of its women, and with great gusto uplifted them in their stories. But one day Inyzh (Giant, villain Adygeyan epic) with his barbarians shamelessly attacking Nart land, burning and ravaging their homeland civilians, stealing cattle and people take fire, leaving them without food and heat. Then a wise mentor and homemaker Nart Setenay that carefully nurtured his son Sausyryko (the hero of the Nart sagas) gives up arms and sends it back Nart fire. Having overcome many difficult obstacles in the way, breaking a lot of bloody fights with the barbarians Inyzha, Nart Knights led by Sausyryko pick up and return fire sledges.



(Formulation A. Hadzhaeva)

Usually zafak opens the evening dancing to any celebration Circassians. This is the most common modern, very popular dance. It turns smoothly, but in a fairly rapid pace. By their nature, it literally could be called "dance invitation."


Zeklo zygelat

(Formulation A. Hadzhaeva)

The fastest and most temperamental dance Circassians. In the literal translation of the word "zygelat" means "bounce." This name comes from the rapid rapid dance boy who makes virtuoso bouncing motion. In "zygelat" young man shows his strength, agility, skill.


Adyghe Uji

(Formulation A. Hadzhaeva)

There is diversity in udzhey Circassians. In this dance, collected, extant, choreographic elements and musical palette options udzhey various sub-ethnic groups, and diaspora Adyghe people.


Welcome dance with a burka.

(Statement - A.Kulova)

In a popular Circassian merrymaking always attended horse races. In this dance, the audience gets exciting pieces of horse competitions as overcoming obstacles, fancy riding, riders fights "battle horse-feeding."

In short there is a demonstration of battles and fights, in which tested military training and daring men. At the end of the holiday the most beautiful girl is awarded to the winner of the contest a special giant cup filled with wine drink, and viewers watch the competitions, presents a national round table, bursting with food, thus, inviting, welcoming sun in the Republic of Adygea.

In the rhythms of folk dance "Zagatlyat"

(Statement - A.Kulova)

In the rhythms of folk dance "Zygelat" - traditional dance, without which no cost, no one folk mass celebrations and weddings. Choreographic composition is built so that the young men are having a contest between himself and the emotional, temperamental fit of show each other their skills. Then they invited the girls, and they tied a kind of choreographic dialogue that essentially goes into dance-competition. But with all this plastic movement girls are soft and sure they are full of grace, pride and dignity.

Choreographic triptych "Tyrgetau. Ancient zafak. Youth dance.

(Statement - A.Kulova)

1. "Tyrgetau" - a girl dressed as a man war era is two thousand years ago. Folk legend says that two thousand years ago the queen Tyrgatau dressed in men's armor, took up arms, that would take revenge on her husband for commit treason. She gathered an army, which sent troops against the unfaithful husband, and triumphantly defeating them, take revenge on him for causing her insult.

2. The second pair is represented in costumes reflecting the era of the 19th century. In this dialog, dancing couples reveal relationships that are fixed to each other in a lyrical and poetic character. But, despite this, they are able to keep in its dance and in a suit restraint, austerity and monumentality, which was common to the members of the upper classes of society of the era.

3.Tretyaya pair appears in costumes that reflect the modern era. In this dialog, dancing couples disclosed competitive nature of the relationship. They are more free, fun and mobile form to express their emotions, which are characteristic of the dance vocabulary of today's youth. Costumes in which they are presented, more stylized and approaching the modern era.


Udzh (Statement - A.Kulova)

Adyghe folk dance "Udzh" - an ancient adygsky festive pair tanets.Vo time execution of the dance opens a new stage of relations between the dancers, but because of their movement, the views, the location of the dance in relation to each other express consent thoughts and feelings. The overall pattern of dance is made up of a variety of patterns and weaves many straight lines and diagonals. When external rigor and to tighten performing style relationship in pairs remain at ease. However, the possibility of close contact dancing does not violate prevailing among the people of ethics.


Adygsky vintage dance "Islamey"

(Statement - A.Kulova)

Islamy "- dance bears the name of the young men first sang it in the distant past. The people remained as cheerful lyrical dance movable character. Its composition is rich in a variety of lines, diagonals and circular motifs, combined with various remodeled, unexpected twists and divorce. Observing the dynamics of this dance, it seems that a man like an eagle soars above Orlici girl. There is reason to believe everything that happens in between - the dance of two lovers.


Festive Abkhazian dance

(Statement - M.Kulova)

Abkhazians - one of the kindred peoples Circassians (Circassians) survived until the present day, in its material and spiritual culture have much in common. "Holiday Abkhazian dance" where the plot is taken as a basis, the national element of the wedding ceremony. The oldest kind of fun before the big wedding feast, and it turns out to guests with a stick in his hand, which are strung liver and heart of the animal sacrificed in honor of the holiday, and their prayers bless the bride and groom, inviting guests and young people at a wedding celebration.


Potpourri on adygskih tunes

    Performed by a group of orchestral ensemble

(Processing - Z.Irugova)

Potpourri on Adyghe folk melodies rich and varied dance music adygov.Kazhdy can dance, accompanied by a diverse array of dance tunes with their inherent specific tempo and rhythmic features. Musical arrangement of dances in the program is enriched by the presence in the orchestra of different musical instruments prevailing today in the nation. Also, a separate tool number in the program orchestral ensemble band performs Potpourri on Adyghe folk melodies.


Dancing Nalmes

 (Statement - A.Kulova)

Choreographic composition choreographic composition "Dancing Nalmes" is based on the Adyghe folk dance "Zafak." Performed in a strict classical manner. Music and lyrics written by the famous composer Adygeian that celebrates the beauty of the ensemble and its participants.



Rhythms of the Caucasus

Exciting game on national instrument ShotIyrpI (Shares) .In tool room sound rhythms of different peoples of the Caucasus. As well as artists demonstrate their highest art, masterfully juggles tool.


Necklace folk dances Adyghe diaspora

(Statement - A.Kulova)

Today, in many countries in the Middle East, Europe and America is home to numerous Circassian (Circassian) diaspora. Despite the fact that they are away from their historic homeland, carefully preserve folk traditions, customs and culture. Dance called "Necklace folk dances Adyghe Diaspora" is presented as a single choreographic composition, which consists of several folk dances, returned to their historic homeland.



Choreographic miniature Various labor dancing at all times had a great public importance, through them and reproduce the process of work people. They have always contributed to the development of acquired skills for hunting, farming, threshing, and the like. In the comic Choreographic Miniatures "haymaking" plot develops in the employment field, where early in the morning came the three brothers to mow hay. Upon arrival at the place of one of the brothers realized that a lot of work started under every pretext withdrew from work. He is successful, he slept the whole day in the shade. In the evening, when the brothers came back tired after work, realized that not only did he deceived them, but also deprived the dinner, which brought them another day younger sister.



(Statement - M.Kulova)

On the grounds of national dance "LepechIas" which literally means "finger stick" or "dance on his fingers." Ancient folk dance improvised nature has always been a favorite and popular among the people. In the dance competition dance on the fingers, is considered the top performing skills, talk about it, even in the Nart sagas. Dance gives you the opportunity to reveal bright and temperamental individual abilities performers, opens up the possibility to show their skills in the dance exactly on the fingers.


"Dance with daggers" true Adygs (Circassians) should be able to master own daggers. Soloist, performing this dance, shows the highest art dagger. He at the same time or separately by different virtuoso movements sticks daggers on the floor, and somehow miraculously he manages to keep a large number of daggers in his mouth. Dance with daggers soloists ensemble viewers always welcomed with great enthusiasm.



Ancient round dance gala dance "Udzh huray" - one of the oldest dance round dance of the people, which is traditionally performed in completing the ceremonial action on the dance floor. The manager of the holiday, with a special stick in hand, decorated with hazelnuts, walnuts and various colorful scraps of material shall convene all participants of the festival to dance. Round dance performed in a circle, a song in which he sings the most beautiful girl from the audience. It is usually determined respected people, elders of the congregation. Then round dance gala dance smoothly into the mass festivities, expressing joy, fun and promoting the exit hidden creative imagination.

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